He Saw it All

I’m going to stick with my statement that country music won’t likely be found on this blog, so let me make this clear – This is Southern Gospel, NOT Country music.  🙂

I went to a Gaither Homecoming Concert in Toronto with Joy at the Air Canada Centre in 2005 or 2006. It was the second Gaither Concert I had been to at the ACC – with the first being in 2000 (more on that story here). This concert was also one of the last times that pianist, Anthony Burger would perform. Sadly, he passed away not long after, on a Gaither cruise. He was truly a talented pianist – click here to watch Anthony play.

Overall, I had a great time at the concert, surrounded by people who were mostly over 55 years old. Nevermind that I was just 32 at the time…

What can I say – I have eclectic taste.  I’ve always been a 60-year-old trapped in a much younger body.

It was a good time, but the highlight of that particular concert was hearing for the first time, the song “He Saw It All” by the Booth Brothers.

This song makes me laugh or at times, come to tears because of its message. The basic plot of the song is that it takes place during Jesus time on earth, about 2000 years ago when He was going about teaching and healing people of their ailments.

The song goes through a typical day when people would have noticed the healings that were taking place as they went through a typical day.

Think about it: The guy that was once blind, isn’t blind anymore. The guy that couldn’t walk, can now walk. The guy who couldn’t previously talk could now talk and the girl who couldn’t hear can now hear. Pretty amazing!

So anyway – here it is. Listen to the lyrics and enjoy. Southern Gospel may not be your thing, but at least take in the words. It’s a somewhat profound song when you really think about it.


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