My friends might call this "Stories with Jonny"

Storyteller, Blogger, Regular Guy; Sort of...

Jonathon aka "Jonny"

I’m a 40-something (gulp) guy living in London, Ontario, Canada. Born with Spina Bifida, life has been interesting to say the least, so I decided to write about it. Maybe by reading this it will help avoid one of those awkward  “what’s wrong with you?” conversations that we might have. 

All joking aside, I’m a story teller, but I also blog about important issues regarding disability, faith…and other random thoughts in no particular order.

Recent Blog Posts

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Don’t you just hate the process of moving? Packing boxes, cleaning, trying to convince your family and friends to spend
Growing up in the country and then moving to “the big city” (London,) when I was 24 years old has
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