3 cats

Cats, Cars, Coffee & Cruises – Part 1: Cats

Hobbies and interests; We all have them and for me, it just happens that mine all start with a “C.” Which reminds me of my sister’s old answering machine message. “You have reached Chris, Carla, Cameron and Carter…” Anyway…I digress. If you want to strike up an interesting conversation with me, my interests can be summed up in the 4…

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spina bifida

So…What do you have?

Sometimes having a disability is like the elephant in the room. Everyone knows it’s there, but no one wants to say anything. It’s just awkward. Here’s a scenario that happens to everyone. You meet someone via email or telephone and you develop a mental picture of what that person looks like, or, if you’re like me – a bit nosey,…

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Jonathon Hyjek & Joy Hyjek

And then came Joy!

I get asked this question fairly often: “How did you meet your wife?” Sometimes it’s out of interest from a friend or colleague, and other times I think it’s out of sheer surprise when people find out that I’m married to a “normal” girl. Even though society has been on this integration/inclusive kick for quite some time, it still seems…

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