The Touch of the Master’s Hand (The Old Violin)

Here’s an oldie, but a good one.

I just happen to be a fan of Southern Gospel music. I went to my first Gaither concert at 15 years old in Michigan – with a room filled with grey-haired folks. It was a good time.

I started to watch Gaither Homecoming videos around that time and a song that I absolutely love is this one. Krista Mueller sang this song at my Grandma’s funeral, back in 1998.

Originally this was a poem, written in the 1920s,

The song sums up life so well. All of us are battered, bruised, imperfect and hurt. But it’s the Master “Jesus,” who gives us our value, our worth, has the ability to clean us up and He goes about making us whole again. It’s that simple.

Have a listen to the lyrics. It really is a beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it.


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