The internet is full of all kinds of people dispensing advice on every topic under the sun, whether they have ANY experience, knowledge or education, just for the sake of writing words.

This blog is no different; Sorry to disappoint.

Everything written on this blog are my own thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences. Take them or leave them. I’m all about having a dialogue – but I’m not interested in starting an online debate.

I am a Christian; I am not a Theologian. I love Jesus but I’m not going to argue the points of Arminianism, Calvinism or any other theological “ism” to try to win you over to my ideas. If anything, I just want you to see Jesus for who HE is really is: Redeemer, Saviour, Healer, Servant, Teacher, Shepherd, Bread of Life, the Author and Finisher of our faith – I AM.

I own a business; I am not a business expert. I’ve had good business ideas and I’ve had bad business ideas. I have helped a number of people with issues in their own businesses and I’ve worked in, researched and learned about a broad range of business-related topics.

I like to write; I am not a professional writer. If my 15-year-old self, sitting in Advanced English could see me now, he would laugh.

I’m neither a pessimist nor optimist. I’m not even sure I’m a realist, so I’m not sure what kind of “ist” I am. Some topics I am optimistic about, some I’m pessimistic about and others I am a realist. I don’t think it would be healthy to be only one in all circumstances.

I am neither Conservative nor Liberal. If I were an American, I would not be a Republican, nor would I be a Democrat. I tend to be politically centre – believing that an all Liberal point of view is equally as unhelpful as having an all Conservative point of view.

I am a person with a disability, I am not disabled. I happen to “have” a disability, but I am not disabled. There’s a difference between a person with a disability and a disabled person. Think about that for a moment.

I am NOT a health professional, although I have learned a lot. Please don’t take anything I say as being “true” for you just because it happened that way for me when it comes to anything health-related. Listen to your doctor, BUT – Pray.