The Sieve

One of the wonderful things about going to a small church with an active youth group was that there was ALWAYS something going on, on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

Something I remember with fond memories was pond hockey at the Brown’s farm during the winter months.

It wasn’t sophisticated. Out behind the barn, there was a pond. It was a decent size and it had some nice smooth ice – perfect for hockey.

Sunday afternoon, all the kids of varying ages, about 12 years old to about 18 or so, plus a few adults got together and played hockey on the pond…wearing boots. Not everyone could skate so it made sense to play with just boots.

Pond hockey was a lot of fun.

Now you’re likely thinking: “Jonny – I didn’t know you could play hockey” 

Well – You are 100% correct. I cannot.

I barely understand how it works. I do know that the puck goes into the net and that’s really all I know. And overall, I’m just not athletic. I wasn’t built for sports!

Since I wasn’t very good on my feet – sliding around on boots, I was given the important position of the goalie on my assigned team.

And every game was just about the same. The shots were coming at me fast and furious…and…most of them went right into the net behind me without any interference from me.

My friends Rick and Morgan were quick to note that my stats were less than stellar when it came to how many pucks I stopped. We did not keep stats back then, but it wasn’t good. I’m guessing I allowed about 70% of the pucks to go right in.

The 30% that I stopped was only because they came right to me and it was a complete fluke that I stopped them.

As for my record – I figured it wasn’t my fault. After all, wasn’t it the job of the defence to keep the puck away from me? 🙂

Thankfully each time I was placed in the net, my team was stacked somewhat with goal scorers who could even out the score, so we didn’t always lose!

And this is how I earned the nickname – the Sieve.


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