Welcome to the blog that should have started in 1978…

It’s hard to believe that 1978 was 40 years ago, but I know firsthand because I just celebrated my 40th birthday in August.

So much has changed in 40 years, including how one would go about telling their story.

Back in 1978, the best way to tell a story was to find a person or group of people that were willing to listen as you told your story in person or maybe on TV, if you had that kind of influence.

Another way to get your story out was to send one of those annoying Christmas letters, bragging about how wonderful life has been in the past 12 months, but those rarely tell the bad or challenging parts of your story and end up sounding like one long boast.

And of course, there were books. Writing an autobiography was an option, but even that was not easy. Who was going to publish your book unless you were rich, famous or had something exceptionally interesting to say? There was no Kindle store to self-publish your book either. The cost to get your story out was beyond the means of most which meant that stories may not have travelled far.

Lots of great, inspiring, funny or tragic stories have just been lost to time. They’re just gone.

But, here we are today – with the ability to say anything and (hopefully) have readers to interact with almost immediately.

Why should you keep reading?

I don’t really know how to answer that question. I LOVE to tell stories and from my perspective, I have had some unique experiences that might be worth writing down.

Over the years I’ve contemplated writing a blog and I even started one back in late 2007, but decided to call it quits after a short time. Then life got busy, I was busy building a business, doing normal life and it just never happened.

So, here we are! I’d like to say that my stories are funny, interesting, inspiring, engaging…strange – but maybe they aren’t? Time will tell.

If nothing else, this is an online diary for myself, to remember the good times, the bad times, the funny times and the sad times.

Where do you go from here? Check out my ABOUT page for a little rundown on who I am and what this blog is about and of course my disclaimer page, where I admit that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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